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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Riverdance Dress

        Hello everyone, happy christmas. I am please to announce my next big sewing project will be make the lead female dancer's costume from Riverdance. The dress was designed by Joan Bergin for the Riverdance company during its broadway premier. Make from Silk Velvet with hand devour celtic swirls patterns on the dress, this is represents the river that flows thru Dublin, Ireland. Each dress is custom made for each female lead, each having her own costume for the show. It is about $3000 to make. That is the average amount of money that a girl would spend on a new solo  dress for competitions.
        My dress will be about $1000 to make. That includes the many hours of sewing that I will put into making this dress. It will take about six weeks to make without any breaks. but I know I will be taking a few breaks. My dead line will be May 9th. 2017. That is when I will see my first show of Riverdance.
         I will be making it out of the same type of materials. Silk velvet will becoming from India, whilst the Swarovski crystals from Austria, and the lining from NYC from Mood Fabrics. The devour will be the most time consuming part. with a instructions that I have found online.
I will begin this project in the new year. Please watch for updates

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