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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Riverdance 20th Anniversary Tour

Maria Buffini & Alan Scariff
         On May 9th, 2017 I will cross off one of my first things on my bucket list.  It will be my first time to see Riverdance live. Its been 5 years since Riverdance made its way to Indianapolis, Indiana. whilst it was in my home town I will catch my first ever showing and hopefully not my last.
         I have seen the show many times on DVD but it is nothing like watching the real thing. You get to see the detailed footwork that is in each number. The joyful smile of each dancer as they are living their dream on stage.
         The lead dancers both World Champions in Irish Dance. Each dancer is at champion level and most of them world qualifiers. It must be a privilege to be in this show that started all the big Irish dance shows around the world.
              As a dancer myself I can appreciate the hard work that theses dancers have put in the show. Long hours of practice. All dancers put two months of training before performing even in the show. each dancer will lose about five pounds of water during every show.
          The show opens up with the stories and legends of Ireland. With Reel Around the Sun. Countess Cathleen, Shivina and many more. The second half of the show the immigration of the Irish people came to America and how sorrowful for the families they left behind (American Wake, Trading Taps).  The show ends with celebration of the Irish heritage that these people have (Heartland).

          Tickets range from €96 a piece and will very depending on what country you are in. Please visit their website there you find upcoming tour dates and other information. 

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